West Midlands Funders Forum

WHO IS THE WEST MIDLANDS FUNDERS FORUM? The West Midlands Funders Forum (WMFF) was established in January 2014. It comprises of the West Midlands representatives of funders delivering support and funding to the voluntary sector across the West Midlands area. Its mission and purpose is

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Supporting the use of digital technology in the third sector

Supporting the use of digital technology in the third sector – Not-for-profit expert Pauline Roche from RnR Organisation facilitated a discussion on 17th September 2015 as part of  our 2015 series of roundtable discussions at Harborne Parish Lands Charity. Pauline spoke about th

West Midlands Funding 15: CTWM 40th Anniversary Conference

Our annual conference on Thursday, November 12th 2015 is being jointly organised with SCVO Sandwell’s Meet the Funder 2015 in celebration of CTWM’s 40th Anniversary as ‘West Midlands Funding 15’. The conference and funding fair will be an opportunity to share a